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    Momenta Sacra St. Therese of Lisieux

    From the small town of Lisieux in France, God called his little flower, St Therese. Hidden behind the convent walls of Carmel, she lived the simple life of a cloistered nun, a life she filled with tremendous love and joy even in the midst of great suffering. Join us as we walk through some of the most pivotal moments of her life, and watch her live out her “little way of trust and love.”


    Momenta Sacra St. Francis of Assisi

    A meditation on St. Francis’ canticle that weaves through his story of complete servitude; a life mission that would profoundly inspire generations of ministers and future saints.


    Momenta Sacra St. Joan of Arc

    Witness the sacred moments of this extraordinary saint who bravely answered God’s call and turned the tide of war for her nation.


    Momenta Sacra Mary, Mother of God

    Follow Mary’s journey of faithful submission to God’s redemptive plan—from the Annunciation to her Son’s death on the cross.


    The Last Days: The Passion and Death of Jesus the Christ

    This long-running Passion Play seen by thousands across the world is now available on DVD or to stream.


    30 Minutes B.C.: A Nativity Play

    Hungry, cold, and rejected, can Mary and Joseph's marriage survive the last 30 minutes before the Savior's birth?


    You Up There?

    An awkward but charming high school senior is convinced that God answered his prayers for “The One.” But when he finds out that she doesn’t believe in God and won’t go out with him because of his faith, he hashes out a plan to prove God’s existence to her.


    2021 Lenten Reflections

    This six-part reflection series is taken from The Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden. Join us as we meditate upon Christ’s Passion as seen through the visions of St. Bridget.


    Coming Home for Christmas

    A Christmas concert by Maria streamed live from the Carmelite Monastery in St. Louis, Missouri.