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    G.K. Chesterton Entertainment presents a staged reading of a brand new work

    Hungry, cold, and rejected, can Mary and Joseph's marriage survive the last 30 minutes before the Saviour's birth?

    30 Minutes B.C.: A Nativity Play explores the hardships the Holy Family endured - hardships we can still relate to today.

    On-demand streaming now available

    Donate $20 to our fundraiser to be given the link and password to 30 Minutes B.C..

    Stream 30 Minutes B.C.

    $20.00 Choose this option to view the performance online via Vimeo
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    Clayton Snyder is a film, television, and stage actor most known for his role as Ethan Craft on Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire and The Lizzie McGuire Movie. More recently, Clayton guest starred on NCIS and has appeared in dozens of web series and independent projects streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix. On stage, Clayton has performed in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and The Root Beer Bandits at the Garry Marshall Theatre, and concert performances of Freedom Riders: The Civil Rights Musical and Starry.



    Zuri Starks is a Chicago-born actor. New to the L.A. scene, she just filmed her first feature film in July, No More Goodbyes and took lead in a short film, No Heartbeat in January. Although she loves film and television, her first true love is the stage. From Aida and Hairspray in high school, to The Tempest at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and Theo, Cleo, and Wu at the Theatre of Note.


    Stage Directions

    Jonathan Roumie—actor-director-producer and musician—is best known for his groundbreaking role as Jesus in the popular series The Chosen. The show is the #1 crowdfunded media project in history, currently streaming in more than 180 countries. His talent for accents and language has landed him numerous memorable performances on The Mindy Project, The Good Wife, The Newsroom, Dog With A Blog, Law and Order, and NCIS, to name a few.


    Angel Choir

    A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Maria Vargo is a Hollywood-based actress, singer-songwriter, director, and Christian speaker. She is the president and artistic director of G.K. Chesterton Entertainment, a faith-based, non-profit entertainment company. Maria starred as St. Faustina in a one-woman show, performing over 300 times across America and Canada. A film version of the show is set to be released in the near future. Her passion for music has led to producing an original CD titled Fire Tries Iron, and most recently a Christmas CD titled Coming Home For Christmas.

    Vi Flaten

    Writer and Director

    Denise was writing even before she could read. Her first tome was penned at six years old and about dragons. Since then, she's studied at the Iowa Writer's Workshop and runs the G.K. Chesterton Entertainment Writer's Group. In her spare time, she manages GKCE's social media and acts once in a while (you may have seen her in Law & Order SVU or The Bold & the Beautiful.)

    What our viewers are saying

    Thank you, what a beautiful gift. The faith of Joseph and Mary are humbling and beautiful in this production.
    —Kristina C.

    It’s like seeing the story with fresh eyes. Before His birth, Mary and Joseph were regular people who loved, obeyed, and truly listened to the Lord. It's so interesting seeing them as three-dimensional people with human feelings. Well written, directed, and lovingly acted. Thought provoking. Thank you for this timely production.
    —Mary H.

    I just finished watching it and loved EVERY minute of it! I'm absolutely BLOWN AWAY that this was done in only four days! This play truly puts the Nativity into a totally different perspective for me! Zuri and Clayton did a PHENOMENAL job portraying Mother Mary and Joseph, and what they could have gone through before Jesus was born! Also, Maria has a BEAUTIFUL singing voice, it's so angelic! Thank you so much for producing this play!
    —Kiana N.

    The script was so beautiful: prophetic, compelling, imaginative yet real, and of course, scriptural. I loved the performances by Clayton and Zuri—outstanding! I think I will be pondering it for a while and watching it several more times this season! Kudos to Maria and Jonathan!
    —Dawn J.

    This production was so heartfelt. I watched it more than once. The human touch is such a compassionate gift to us.
    —Karen D.