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    Lenten Reflections

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    Week 1

    The Passion of Our Lord

    Jesus is betrayed and scourged at the pillar

    Week 2

    The Passion

    Jesus carries His cross and is pierced on Calvary

    Week 3

    The Crucifixion

    Christ's suffering and His broken body on the cross

    Week 4

    The Death of Our Lord

    The Blessed Virgin beholds her Son as He breathes His last

    Week 5

    Our Lady's Compassion

    The Blessed Virgin speaks of being united with her Son's life and passion

    Week 6

    Fruits of the Passion

    Christ speaks on how we are to live after the example of His sacrifice

    What our viewers are saying

    I cried. This video will forever change my prayer life... Watching all the videos you are in have done has made my personal relationship with God closer. Thank you Jonathan and Maria for all you're doing to get Jesus out there to the world.
    —Janice B.

    Gracious! Just so powerful!
    —Kathleen L.

    This is just so incredibly powerful and deeply moving. I have gone back to this several times when I needed to be reminded of how much Jesus really loves us, how He suffered so bitterly, and how I should respond as a Christian. Thank you, GKCE, for all your content!
    —Dawn F.

    This. Pure emotion.
    —Mitani F.


    The potential for multiplying God’s reach through GKCE’s work is endless, and we are excited about the possibilities!

    Our goal is to enlighten the hearts and minds of as many people as we are able to reach around the world with GKCE’s Momenta Sacra series. We are in ongoing discussions with Christian broadcasting platforms in the hope that we can televise Momenta Sacra episodes, similar to how we aired The Last Days and our Lenten Reflections on EWTN. Ultimately, we plan to make the series available for private programs at parishes and Christian organizations.

    If you feel called to contribute to GKCE’s Momenta Sacra project, click the donate button (add link) to contribute a suggested amount, or whatever you feel moved to gift. We offer our sincere thanks for your generous support—the impact of your contribution will be immeasurable. God bless you.