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    The GKCE Story

    Our mission is to create entertainment that challenges our culture to boldly live out their faith. Preference is given to telling the stories of historical figures who have gone against the grain of society as well as ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Our purpose is to ennoble and enrich the human spirit while examining issues of faith and culture that aid in the spiritual quest for life’s meaning.

    As a non-profit company, we are mindful stewards of your donations and work diligently to ensure that every dollar generously given counts. As GKCE grows, we will continue to ensure that our creative work remains informed by our faith, and our commitment to producing entertainment that challenges and expands our audience’s minds, and hearts —Maria Vargo, President

    Back Us

    At GKCE, we believe that art and media have the singular ability to reach, and positively influence, our culture at large. In just a few brief moments, a beautiful work of art can touch our souls in a truly personal and life-changing way. It is with this truth in mind that our series “Momenta Sacra” was created. In these films we tell compelling and visually beautiful stories about how God often uses seemingly ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary ends—stories of people who changed the trajectory of history during their lifetimes.

    “You have brought me to my knees. This is the most outstanding Moment Sacra of our seraphic father, Saint Francis. Beautiful.” —Cheryl C.

    “Beautifully done. I had chills from the beginning to the end.” —Ornella F.

    “Incredibly moving and powerful. Beautifully shot... This series is going to be extraordinary and heaven-sent for a time like this.” —Judi B.

    “I loved watching my kids have an emotional connection.” —Ashley S.

    “I needed a lot of Kleenex tissues. My heart broke during the Pieta scene. Outstanding acting and the production quality was great.” —Holly J.

    Watch a message from GKCE president Maria Vargo.