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Christo rey

Viva Cristo Rey is a two-act play by Cathal Gallagher and Fred Martinez and was produced by The G.K. Chesterton Theatre Company in 2011 in Los Angeles and directed by Angel Duran.

In Mexico in the 1920's, religion was suppressed. People were forbidden to worship freely. Severe penalties, from imprisonment to death, were imposed for clandestine worship. Although the repression was widespread, the world took little notice. A veil of silence descended.[Learn more]

Claude Newman

Claude Newman is a two-act play by Cathal Gallagher and was produced by The G.K. Chesterton Theatre Company in 2012 in Los Angeles and directed by Maria Vargo

Two prisoners on Death Row get into an argument over a religious medal. The prisoner who owns the medal flings it at fellow inmate (Claude Newman) telling him to "take the thing." Newman picks up the medal, attaches it to a string and puts it around his neck. That night he is awakened by a touch on the wrist. And there stands, as Claude later told the Chaplain, "the most beautiful woman God ever created." The most beautiful woman was the Virgin Mary.[Learn more]

The last days

The Last Days:The Passion and Death of Jesus the Christ is a one-act play/film by Jonathan Roumie, Maria Vargo and Kate Whitney that was first produced in 2018 in Los Angeles and directed by Jonathan Roumie and Maria Vargo.

A Passion Play adapted from the Gospels that movingly recreates the final moments of Jesus' earthly ministry as Teacher through His crucifixion and death. The play has been seen by thousands not only as a live performance but also as a live-streamed broadcast all over the world. It is now available on DVD and streaming. [Learn more]


An Act of Reparation is a two-act play by Cathal Gallagher and was produced by The G.K. Chesterton Theatre Company in 2010 in Los Angeles and directed by Maria Vargo

Franz Jagerstatter was born in St. Radegund, Austria in 1907. He was the illegitimate son of Rosalia Huber and Franz Bachmeier who was killed in the First World War. His mother later married a man named Heinrich Jagerstatter.[Learn more]

Our Mission

Creating entertainment that challenges our culture to boldly live out their faith.

G.K. Chesterton Entertainment’s mission is to create entertainment that challenges our culture to boldly live out their faith. Preference is given to telling the stories of historical figures who have gone against the grain of society as well as ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Our purpose is to ennoble and enrich the human spirit while examining issues of faith and culture that aid in the spiritual quest for life’s meaning.


Behind the scenesG.K. Chesterton Theatre Company a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was founded in Los Angeles, CA, in 2009 by popular playwright Cathal Gallagher and his son Peter Gallagher. Both believed strongly that people are drawn to characters who stand for some principle or belief at great personal cost and that there was a market for plays about heroic figures.

The company’s first production in L.A. was “Malcolm and Teresa,” which recounted Malcolm Muggeridge’s spiritual journey after interviewing Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The play was very well received.

In 2010, Maria Vargo was invited to direct “An Act of Reparation” — the story of Blessed Franz Jagerstatter, an Austrian farmer who refused to fight with the Nazis during World War II based on his religious beliefs. Maria was then asked to be the company’s Artistic Director, where she oversaw four more productions. These included “Claude Newman,” the story of the miraculous conversion of a Mississippi man on death row, and “Viva Cristo Rey,” about the life of Mexican martyr Blessed Miguel Pro.

In 2013, Maria was cast as Saint Faustina in the one-woman show titled “Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy” that would take her around the U.S. and Canada. Sadly, this required Maria to place her artistic duties on hold, and while Maria toured, the company remained dormant.

Behind the scenesIn 2019, Maria was able to acquire and revive the G.K. Chesterton Theatre Company.

The company raised funds for “The Last Days: The Passion and Death of Jesus the Christ” — a live Passion Play written and directed by Maria Vargo and Jonathan Roumie. (Maria and Jonathan, who first worked together as actors on the set of “Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy,” began their creative partnership in 2014.)

Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, live performances of “The Last Days” had to be cancelled for 2020. Thankfully, though, an earlier production had been filmed and the company was able to release a video of that performance. The video is available for streaming or on DVD! Click on the SHOP tab for details.

In the fall of 2020, the company’s name was changed to G.K. Chesterton Entertainment to reflect the board’s desire to expand beyond theatre in an effort to reach as many people as possible.

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